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I am not sure if he married. There is a scrap of loose paper in the baptisms in the parish registers filmed by the LDS for Cherrington, which shows Emma daughter of William and Mary Timms of Stowerton. The date is impossible to read. It could be anywhere in the early 1800's. There is also a William, son of William and Mary Timms of Stowerton, baptised on May 10, 1807 in Cherington. Is he another child? Who was Mary and where did they marry?

Was the couple William Timms and Mary Timms who married in Whichford on January 10, 1805? Probably not - see my note for the William Timms who married Mary Timms, daughter of Nicholas.

However, did he perhaps marry a Sarah. There is a John Timms, son of William Timms and Sarah, baptised on July 25, 1739 at Cherington. As well, there is a deed in 1760, from William Timms, of St. Andrews, Holborn, son of William Timms and Sarah Timms of Cherington, Sarah now of Wigginton, Oxfordshire. That would tend to indicate that William Timms senior had died by 1760, but I cannot find any entry for his burial in the Cherington records. I now think that this was another William Timms.


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John is in Cherington in the 1841 census. He is there with a John who is 40 years old and a Jane who is 45 years old. Did he and Sarah have two other children?


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There was a baptism for an Emma Timms noted on a scrap of paper in the parish registers for Cherington. It had no date but appeared as if it might have been between 1790 and 1803. There is an Emma Timms who marries a Thomas Slatter on November 12, 1840. She is the daughter of William Timms. It ties in with John Timms in the 1871 census and his cousin Elizabeth Slatter, age 24. See also Ernest Basson in 1871 and two Timms Sarah, age 47 in 1861 and Edward, age 11 in 1871.

Here is the family in 1851 in Whichford:
SLATTER Thomas Head 39 Master Blacksmith Whichford
Emma Wife 33 Wks Stourton
Elizabeth 9 Whichford
John 7 Whichford
Sarah Ann 2 Whichford
Edwin 3 months Whichford
William Brother 56 Mentally Challenged Whichford
Samuel Brother 36 Shoe maker Whichford
PIGEON George Apprentice Blacksmith App. Wks, Burmington

Emma's birth year is off again?

Here it is in 1861:
SLATTER Thomas 49 master Blacksmith Whichford
Emma 43 Stourton
Elizabeth 19 Whichford
John Thomas 17 Blacksmith Whichford
Sarah Ann 12 Scholar Whichford
Edwin 10 Scholar Whichford
Emma 8 Scholar Whichford
George 5 Scholar Whichford
TIMMS Sarah Visitor 47 Stourton

Here is 1871:
SLATTER Emma Widow 53 Grocer Stourton
John 27 Blacksmith Whichford
Sarah Ann 22 Whichford
BASSON Ernest Visitor 3 Shipston
BENNETT Henry Apprentice 20 Blacksmith Brailes
TIMMS Edward Boarder 11 Scholar Whichford - who was this 11 year old Edward? Her Nephew?

And 1881:
SLATTER Emma Widow 63 Grocer Stourton
John T 37 Widower Master Blacksmith Whichford
Emma K 28 Grocers Assistant Whichford
Elizabeth H 8 Grand Daughter Scholar Whichford
Thomas 7 Scholar Grandson Scholar Whichford
LOVETT John W 19 Assistant Blacksmith Shipston
ROSSITER John J Apprentice 18 App Blacksmith Bristol
EDWARDS George Apprentice 15 App Blacksmith

She had gone by 1891.


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The Ontario Birth Register has him as Edward Bryce Dunn. So does Glenna Jamieson. I expect that I will find that his mother's mother's maiden name was Bryce, but I could be wrong given the other entries.

By 1910 he was living in Massachusetts, and by 1920 in California. When he applied for a passport in as a naturalised American, he said that he went there in 1892.


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In the 1881 census, she was born on January 3rd.


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He was still at home in the 1901 census.


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Marjorie Griffiths had him born on April 17, 1876; Margaret Hulbert said it was September 1787. In the 1901 census, he is listed as born on April 17, 1877. I went with that date.

Why did he move to Alberta?

His obituary reads:

On February 23rd, James Arthur Dunn of 9848 89th Ave. He is survived by his wife; one son, Morris Dunn, with the R.C.N.V.R. of Edmonton Alberta; two brothers, of Thorndale Ontario and Elliott of Dorchester, Ontario; two sisters, Mrs. William R. Moore of London, Ontario and Mrs. Agnes Hunt of Dorchester, Ontario. Funeral services will be held on Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Howard and McBride's Chapel. Reverend J. Herbison will officiate and interment will take place in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery.