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The MI described him as being from Stowerton, Lanes End. As he died before his father's will in 1840, he is not noted therein.


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His baptism and his burial are in the parish records.


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Like his brother, he was described on his MI as being from Lanes End, Stowerton. I have his will of October 19, 1849. He speaks of his brother William and his mother Elizabeth and an uncle John Rouse. One could infer from that he was never married. He is described as being from Lanes End in the will too.

In the 1851 census, he is living with his mother in Stourton, along with John Timms Wells, George Bennett and Ann Hands a servant. Interestinly enough, he is shown as a widower. So, when, where and to whom did he marry? I would guess that he never had children since he left all of his estate to his nieces and nephews.

He leaves all of the real estate to his brother William which means that since his father Edward left "Six Boys" to Henry, then it should have passed by this will - I think

He leaves his personal estate to his nephews and nieces. See the following:

This is the last will and testament of me Henry Timms of Stourton located in the parish of Whichford in the County of Warwick, farmer. I give, devise and bequeath all my closes(?) lands tenements and hereditments and other my real estate with their appurtenances and also the residue of my personal estate unto and for the use of my uncle John Rouse of Little Compton in the County of Gloucester and my friend William Henry Attwood of Cherrington in said County of Warwick their heirs executors and administrators and assigns as upon trust and ? ? my said trustees to pay over all the rents ? ? and profits of all my real estate unto my mother Elizabeth TymMs during her natural life for whom I give the ? then after her decease I then give and bequeath the ? that is my real estate wheresoever and whatsoever unto my brother William Timms absolutely. And as to all my personal estate wheresoever and whatsoever I give and devise unto my nephews and nieces that shall be living at my death be equally divided as soon as they shall attain the age of twenty one years and I direct my said trustees to take and ? of all my personal estate as early as convenient after my decease and to convert into money and pay the same out at interest upon such security as they may approve of. And I direct that each nephew and niece shall take their shares as soon as they shall attain the age of twenty one years. And I exempt(?) my ? and ? and also my trustees of my will from all liability for losses occurring without their or his own willful neglect or default and I authorize each of my executors and trustees to retain all expenses incidental to the said ownership and trusteeship and all fees and charges which they or he may pay to counsel attorneys or solicitors for advice and all other expenses whatsoever in respect of the said executorship and trusteeship or in any manner relating thereto. And I direct that my said executors and said trustee or trustees for the time being shall not be answerable or accountable for the acts ? or defaults of each of them. And I nominate and appoint my mother Elizabeth Timms my executrix and my brother William Timms and my uncle John Rouse my executors of this my will. In witness whereof I the said Henry Timms the testator have to this my will set my hand this nineteenth day of October in the year of our lowered one thousand eight hundred and forty nine.

Henry Timms.

Signed and declared by the said Henry Timms testator to be his last will and testament in the presence of us persons together and at the same time who have in his presence subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.

Mary Rouse. William Henry Attwood.

Proved at Stourton 13th March 1854 before the judge by the oaths of William Timms the brother and John Rouse the uncle two of the executors to whom admin was granted having been first sworn by ? duty to administer power ? of making the life grant to Elizabeth Timms the mother the other executor when she shall apply for the ?


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I know of his existence from his grandmother's will in 1854, as well as from his grandfather's will in 1843.

There is a very interesting set of paper re him at the Shakespeare Trust in Stratford. They are papers and correspondence in defence of E.J.T. Wells, 13 Broad Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, against charge of false pretences respecting a watch. I wonder if he was convicted?

In 1851 he was living with his grandmother Elizabeth Timms and his uncle Henry Timms in Stowerton. He was said to be born in Stourton.
By 1861 he had married and was living in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire.
By 1881, he and his wife Hannah were living in Stratford with four children.
By 1891 he and Hannah were still in Stratford with three of their children.


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For the moment, I am taking her name from the baptism of her son Edwin which calls her Ann Eeles. I could not find that name anywhere. June Timms (Thornton) has this Edward marrying Ann Celes Tennant. Cath Black recorded it as Ann Coles Tennant. The marriage register names her as Ann Eeles Tennant.

June Timms (Thornton) says that she appears in the 1841 census as independent, widow, with three children: John 10, Edwin 7 and Henry 3. She is in the 1851 census for Cherrington as: TIMMS, Ann, Head, Widow, 42 Grocer Oxon, Finstock. Only Elizabeth remains with her. Why born there? In the 1841 census, she is shown as not born in the County, so I need to look at Finstock, Oxfordshire for her. Elizabeth, 11, scholar, born in Stourton, appears with her in the 1851 census. I have confirmed this and note that Elizabeth age 11 is also there. They live next door to Elizabeth Timms and her sons Henry and William. I have confirmed that.

There is an Ann Eeles Tennant, illegitimate daughter of Dinah Tennant,, of Finstock, baptised in Charlbury, Oxfordshire, on December 2, 1810. I now believe this to be her. And given her middle name, either one of Dinah's parents was a, Eeles, or the father of Ann was. Or a transcription error occured.