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As the eldest child in the family (which he never fails to remind Stefan, even though it is only by 10 minutes) Arran has always strived to live up to expectations. The strange thing is that what he thinks is expected and what is actually expected often don’t match. He goes way above and beyond, leaving his parents to shake their heads in wonder and, true, sometimes exasperation.

    Arran has now landed permanently in Dublin. He recently became an Irish citizen and is busy managing two new hospital building projects for the Irish Health Executive.

  1. arguing about the rules of every board game he’s ever played

  2. creating beautiful, functional living spaces

  3. his love of good craft beers, and of course, Guinness

  4. his enthusiastic gardening

Favourite photo albums

Our Wedding

April 2009

Alex and Ellie

Mom’s Birthday

December 2013

Favourite movies

  1. 1.My Life as a Dog

  2. 2.Three Colours Red

  3. 3.That von Triers film with the famous Australian

Featured in The Timms Times


Arran and Orla in Ireland

Arran and Orla are Parents

April 15, 2016

The eldest son of the ‘eldest’ son made his spectacular entrance just days before his parents’ 7th wedding anniversary. While his Irish grandparents are immediately to hand and see him every day, the Canadian pair rejoice in the age of Skype and Facetime which permits a weekly visit across the Atlantic.

Fionn, of course, being his father’s son, is a prodigy. He crawls at lightning speed; will be walking by February; and reciting poetry by April. His first birthday celebration will attract adoring fans from all over the world.

Meanwhile, his mother and father get their daily aerobic workout just trying to keep up with him.