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September 5, 2009

On a beautiful day, on a beautiful island, surrounded by trees and wildflowers with the city in the background, Laura and Steve celebrated their marriage in a completely unique ceremony. After all, how often does a father get to officiate at his own daughter’s wedding? How often do you see a lovely woman as one of the ‘groomsmen’? How often do you see the bride and groom walk up the aisle together?

All evidence of Laura’s and Steve’s individuality, and all lending to the creation of an absolutely magical day.

  1. being the wise one in the family

  2. her uncanny rapport with animals

  3. loving vintage clothes

  4. being unable to throw her childhood mementoes away

  5. forbidding her mother to cut down the milkweed

For some really interesting stuff about bugs, see some of Laura’s research at:

Favourite photo albums

Our Wedding

September 2009

Alex and Ellie

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Laura and Steve are married

Laura and Steve move to Montreal

September, 2010

And now the nest is really empty -- no one near enough to come for Sunday dinner, summer swims or winter tobogganing.

What did we do to our children that makes them all want to live somewhere else?

Laura and Steve are homeowners

September, 2012 ...

The things you find when you start tearing a house apart!

... to December, 2015

Having lived through her parents’ many house renovations, Laura couldn’t wait to start one of her own. Three years later, she may have realized that house renovation isn’t a project, it’s a lifetime vocation. New kitchen, new bathroom, new front porch, new hardwood floors -- it just goes on and on. But she learned well and the results are beautiful. She and Steve have even taught her parents a thing or two. When scientists don’t know how to do something, they look it up on YouTube and lo and behold, there’s an expert, showing you how.

Laura and Steve are parents

July 8, 2016

After a little shyness about entering the world, Fern Hazel Timms Walker emerged to a joyous welcome. In the months since, she has presented her parents with the usual infant puzzles, which they have used their tried-and-true research skills to solve.

Here she is on Christmas Day, 2016, looking as healthy and happy as an almost 6-month-old can, with her parents the same, all in their matching Christmas pyjamas!