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Though I am still in the process of constructing it, you will find my Timms genealogy file here.

For information on the origins and topography of the family surname Timms, click here.

Though I don't really expect anyone to be interested in my interests, on the off chance that you might want to know more about me, here goes.

Having given up running, I now spend my 'getting fit' time on my beloved bike - a Kona 'Jake the Snake' that I had upgraded with ultegra cranks, etc. Although I spent many happy hours astride my old Myiata 310, it did not compare. Jake is truly a wonderful bike and especially suited to the rather poorly maintained roads in our neck of the woods. My enthusiasm apparently was catching, as Kathleen let herself be talked into buying a new bike last year as well, and then we went on our bike trip to Ireland. In passing, I would like to unreservedly endorse John Heageny of Cycle Holidays Ireland.

Here I am enjoying a ramble in the Irish rain.

riding in the rain

Besides cycling, I spend far too much time and money on golf. Unfortunately, there is no relationship between the result and either the time or the money. Apart from that (and, I confess, too much televison watching and reading science fiction) the remainder of my free time and money is devoted to genealogy. At least with that, occasionally, the end justifies the means.

CharlesMy ambition in life, apart from growing up some day, is to be as wise and content both at home and at work as Charles appears to be. I may make it or I may not.

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