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    Trying to find that work/life balance is tricky for everyone. But when the work part involves 80-hour weeks and the life part not only includes a wife and daughter but umpty hours of swimming, biking, and running, to prepare for the next triathlon, it gets super tricky.

    How does he do it? We haven’t a clue.


Favourite photo albums

Alex and Ellie

from October 2007


August 2004

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He was a busy kid --

now he’s a REALLY busy man.

    If his daughters are Princesses, it follows that Stefan must be King, right? And he is -- king of the workaholics. Which could be why BLG snagged him away from Blakes in October, 2015.

    Somehow he still finds time to run, swim or cycle almost every day. It’s a good thing Kate supports and shares in these activities, and between them they are encouraging the princesses to become pretty good athletes, too.

The transformation is amazing. He’s there at Alex’s X-country and swim meets. He spends whole weekends with his family, usually doing something athletic, after which they chill out in a resort’s hot tub. He takes vacations -- actual week-long vacations! -- with them.

He still works like a fiend, but somehow he has figured out how to fit most of the work into a more reasonable work week. His parents are delighted. It means they get to see him more often, too.


Stefan has Learned to Relax