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Oct 2007  Love that wish fairy

Dec 2007  An Engagement

Sep 2008  New Puppy

Dec 2008  Best Christmas gift

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The Wish Fairy finally Answers

October 3, 2007


New grandparents Roger & Kathleen Timms and David & Sharon O'Connor proudly announce the granting of their wish for a grandchild. Alexandra Claire Timms was born on a hot, sunny day in Toronto. New parents Kate and Stefan graciously allowed her to be held and adored when she was only hours old. Since then, she has grown apace and become even more adorable. See a slideshow of her first six months here.

©2009 Kathleen Timms



Engagement Announced

December 1, 2007

Hyde Park, LONDON

During their annual Christmas shopping trip to London, Arran makes a quick detour into Tiffany's, and then entices Orla away from Harrods to meet him on a park bench.

He greets her with the ring and the big question.

She says 'Yes'.

˜˜ [Editor's note: YAHOO!]

See a slideshow of their engagement party in Toronto here.

Meet McGriffen

September, 2008


Technically, he's a Golden Doodle, which is obviously ridiculous. But his sire is a Golden Retriever and his mom is a chocolate Standard Poodle with a lot of black ancestors in her pedigree. Whatever. He's adorable (though Alex has her doubts about that -- see the pets page).

Laura and Steve are engaged

December 25, 2008


Laura's parents got one of the best Christmas gifts ever, when she said 'Yes' to Steve's proposal of marriage.
Both had said they wouldn't even think about it until they had graduated and could be addressed as Doctors Timms and Walker. (Who knows when that will be?)

But shortly before Christmas, Steve had an epiphany. Some serious shopping ensued and on Christmas morning they disappeared upstairs while the parentals waited downstairs with bated breath.

Would she? Wouldn't she?

When they returned, the first question was "Which finger does the ring go on?"

The wedding date has been set for September 5th, 2009. Details are to be found on Laura's page or at Laura and Steve's blog

Disbelief all round when Kathleen announced she was going to Turkey in October, 2008.

But she went and saw some amazing sights. When she has time to select the 20 best from her more than 600 photographs, you will be able to see them, too, in a slideshow posted here