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Laura and Steve are married

Sep 2009 Wedding #2

Apr 2009  Wedding #1

Mar 2009  A Funeral

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We have discovered some new and engaging sports this year. For example:

  1. Bullettrying to beat the WII Fitness game’s assessment of our age

  1. Bulletmaking people guess what kind of dog McGriffen is

  1. Bullettrying to stay awake longer than Alex does (she almost always wins


We visited Cuba in February with Greg and Donna. A fascinating place, which we’d love to show you, but with all these weddings who has time to edit and post vacation photos?


What goes around, comes around. If not examined too closely, it passes for justice.

                    Terry Pratchett

                The Last Heroes


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Arran and Orla Got Married

April 18, 2009

DUBLIN     After a solid week of drenching, the sun broke free on Saturday morning and stayed warm and shining all day long. A special dispensation from the weather gods for Arran and Orla? Many thought so. For us, it just added to the beauty and enjoyment of this wonderful day.

The best way to describe it to you is to show you, so click this link to see a slideshow of photos from the wedding.

Dorothy Ellen Kennedy Timms

Born March 4, 1916


Died March 30, 2009


©2009 Kathleen Timms

September 5, 2009

On a beautiful day, on a beautiful island, surrounded by trees and wildflowers with the city in the background, Laura and Steve celebrated their marriage in a completely unique ceremony. After all, how often does a father get to officiate at his own daughter’s wedding? How often do you see a lovely woman as one of the ‘groomsmen’? How often do you see the bride and groom walk up the aisle together?

All evidence of Laura’s and Steve’s individuality, and all lending to the creation of an absolutely magical day.

     Click this link to see the photo album.